THE LIGHTHOUSE is a story about a grumpy crocodile who works as lighthouse keeper on a small island. He likes the peace and quiet of the lighthouse and has no interest in anyone else. One day, the albatross Alba decides to build her nest on top of the lighthouse and a fight begins between the two islanders. After a stormy night and the emergence of an egg the situation changes and the lighthouse keeper and Alba find out that they need each other.

Written by: Jesper Brædstrup Karlsen
Director: Astrid Kjær Jensen
Set design: Christian Q Clausen
Puppets: Sigurd Dissing
Composer: Emil Assing Høyer
Cast: Yulia Bulankina Lystbæk, Bo Carlsson and Maria Garde

Performances 29 May – 4 July:
Tuesday – Friday at 10 am & 11 am (until 26 June)
Tuesday – Friday at 2 pm & 3 pm (26 June – 4 July)
Saturday – Sunday at 2 pm & 3 pm
Monday – closed

Duration: 25 min.

The performance is suitable for all ages and nationalities.