Once upon a time …
The story of The Puppet Theatre in the King´s Garden began in 1966. The Danish painter Helgo Jørgensen had been in Paris and had experienced the traditional Punch and Judy puppet theatre, Grand Guignol in the Luxembourg Garden. He brought the idea back to Denmark and in June 1966 the first Puppet Theatre show was performed in the garden. From 1968 – 2012 the puppeteer, director and writer Birte Norst successfully ran the small acclaimed theatre, which since 2013 have been managed by another acclaimed theater for children Det Lille Teater.  

Since the beginning of 1966, numerous artists and enthusiasts has contributed to The Puppet Theatre´s special style and spirit – a belief in the imagination of children and an ambition to tell stories in which the emphasis is on the visual, scenic style of expression.  

The Puppet Theatre has a unique tradition of creating performances that can be seen by everyone regardless of age and nationality. They are easy to understand and to be amused by. Furthermore the city’s smallest stage always offers visual surprises.   

The Pavilions in the King´s Garden 
The pavilion where The Puppet Theatre is housed has French roots, as does the theatre-form itself. The pavilions in the King´s Garden are inspired by market stalls on the Pont Neuf Bridge in Paris and were originally used for the sale of clothing, jewelry, pastries and meat. Today the pavilions are listed buildings, and can be rented by artists, craftsmen and small cafés. 

The Puppet Theatre is situated in two of the garden’s neoclassical pavilions. One pavilion serves as a theatre, while the other functions as a workshop. The pavilion that serves as theatre has undergone a complete renovation in 2016.