Admission is free and no tickets are necessary.

GRANNY NOISE is a musical tribute to groundbreaking Danish electronic composer Else Marie Pade. With inspiration from Pade’s fantastic sonic universe we invite you to experience a strange, wonderful world of sound. A place where weird creatures take us on a trip to the moon and back again.

Cast: Ole Håndsbæk Christensen, Yulia Lystbæk, Bo Carlsson
Director: Nina Kareis Livingstone
Set design: Johan Kølkjær
Composers: Pete Livingstone, Erik Christoffersen
Dramaturge: Trine Wisbech

5 June through 24 June:
Tuesday – Friday performances at 10am & 11am. Saturday – Sunday at 2pm & 3pm
26 June through 8 July:

Tuesday – Sunday performances at 2pm & 3pm

Duration: 25 min.

The performance is suitable for all ages and nationalities.